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Solaris begins delivery of 12 hydrogen buses to Bolzano

New Urbino models running on hydrogen are about to join the fleet of electric buses of Solaris which have been serving as transport means for Bolzano residents for years. Solaris Bus & Coach has begun the delivery of vehicles under a deal signed in May 2019.


Public transport operator SASA Bolzano, Italy was the first of Solaris’ clients to opt for the hydrogen Urbino model. Solaris has begun delivery of 12 Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen models, finalizing a contract signed in May 2019.

The hydrogen buses of Solaris are another option in the manufacturer’s zero-emission portfolio, next to trolleybuses and battery-powered buses; what distinguishes them from standard electric buses is that electric power is generated directly on board the vehicle.

Orders for hydrogen technology-based Solaris buses are gathering pace—the group of clients commissioning the hydrogen model has been recently joined by carriers from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden.


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