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Green Scout developing 6-wheel electric amphibious all-terrain vehicle

Moscow-based startup Green Scout is developing a 6-wheel electric amphibious all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Development of the all-terrain vehicle began in 2017; an experimental prototype was manufactured in winter 2019, and a presentation model was demonstrated in summer 2020.


The ATV is 1.8m wide, with a height of 1.2m; ground clearance is 0.45m (17 3/4"). Weight is 450 kg. Land speed is up to 70 km/h; water speed is 5 km/h. The vehicle features all-wheel drive, with each wheel having power of 3 kW. The model under development is using a lithium iron phosphate battery supplied by Vista.

The company is currently planning to complete modifications to the ATV and plans to enter the sales market no later than summer 2021.

Green Scout is looking for investors to finalize the ATV and start production. Location of the company and production is not important—Green Scout is leaving that up to the investors.


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