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Borealis, a leading supplier of polyolefin plastic materials for engineering applications in the automotive industry, announced the availability of Borcycle, its polyolefin-based solution composed of both virgin and post-consumer recyclate (PCR) for the North American automotive market. The Borcycle family of products have been conceived for interior, exterior and under-the-hood automotive applications and incorporate post-consumer recycled (PCR) content for a lower environmental impact.

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Originally developed by Borealis in Europe, ready-made PCR Borcycle grades combine virgin polypropylene with high-quality reclaimed materials. They are safe to use and provide a material performance and cost-efficiency equal to the performance and cost-efficiency of virgin materials.

Borealis currently offers three Borcycle grades:

  • Borcycle ME2220SY. 25% PCR content, 20% talc, 55% virgin material; used for interior applications (door and trunk claddings and trims).

  • Borcycle MD2550SY. 50% PCR content, 20% talc, 30% virgin material; used for under-the-hood and exterior applications (bumper components, exterior trims).

  • Borcycle MD3230SY. 25% PCR content, 30% talc, 45% virgin material; used for under-the-hood and exterior applications.

Products in the Borcycle family are backed by a reliable supply chain and quality standards. Borealis has addressed the challenges associated with sourcing and processing recycled content.


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