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Together, Haldor Topsoe and Preem—Sweden’s largest fuel company—have concluded the revamp of Preem’s Gothenburg refinery, which is part of Preem’s endeavors to reduce Sweden’s total carbon emissions by 20%. This is the second revamp of the hydrotreater, following a revamp in 2010 that upgraded the unit to co-process 30% renewable feedstock using Topsoe’s HydroFlex technology. The unit was one of the first in the world capable of processing renewable feedstock.

With the second revamp with HydroFlex, Preem and Topsoe have achieved 85% co-processing of renewable feedstock and continue to advance the field of renewable fuel production. Preem uses tallow and raw tall diesel as main feedstocks.

The revamp of the refinery is a significant step in a long-term plan for Preem with the goal to produce five million cubic meters of renewable fuels by 2030. This means reducing carbon emissions by 12.5 million tons, corresponding to 20% of Sweden’s total emissions.

Preem and Topsoe also are collaborating to revamp the Synsat unit at Preem’s Lysekil refinery. This unit will benefit from Topsoe’s HydroFlex technology to produce clean renewable diesel based on various renewable feedstocks, including rapeseed oil.

The unit is scheduled to be fully rebuilt by 2024. The revamp will support Preem with 950,000 standard cubic meters per year of renewable diesel securing 40% co-processing. As part of the revamp, the unit will be prepared to process 100% renewable feedstock.

Preem accounts for 80% of the Swedish refinery capacity and 30% of the Nordic refinery capacity. In total, nearly 18 million cubic meters of crude oil are refined every year at both its refineries: Preemraff Göteborg and Preemraff Lysekil.


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