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Johnson Matthey and Plug Power partner on next-generation electrolyzer technology for green hydrogen

Johnson Matthey has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Plug Power. Under the MoU, the companies will develop a roadmap to accelerate the joint development of high-performance electrolyzer technology with improved durability, increased performance, and greater energy efficiency than systems available today.

The collaboration will focus on the development, validation and incorporation of JM’s advanced materials in Plug Power’s electrolyzer systems. The companies will also investigate the development of a closed-loop recycling system for the critical platinum group metals (PGM) used as catalysts in these systems.

Johnson Matthey has a proven track record and deep expertise in developing innovative high-performance coating materials and catalyst coated membranes (CCMs)—which sit at the heart of proton exchange membrane (PEM) and anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzers.


As the world’s largest secondary refiner of PGM, JM is placed to drive the creation of closed-loop recycling systems within the green hydrogen supply chain.

Plug Power is a leading manufacturer of electrolyzers used to manufacture green hydrogen. The company has made a significant commitment to be a major player in the generation of green hydrogen with plans to achieve 500T of capacity daily in the US by 2025, 1,000T globally by 2028.


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