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Daimler Mobility AG has awarded the in-house developed Mobility Blockchain Platform to the mobility start-up bloXmove as part of a licensing agreement. The software has been expanded and incubated in the last three years as part of the Blockchain Factory together with selected partners.

With this step, Daimler Mobility wants to facilitate further developments of the software project, further network enlargement and win over ecosystem partners.

We believe in the future of blockchain technology. By granting the software license, we want to make it possible for the platform to be used for other areas of application and thus to reach its full potential. I am very pleased that our successful pilot project is now being continued and further developed at bloXmove.

—Carmen Roth-Schäfer, Chief Technology Officer Daimler Mobility AG

The newly founded start-up bloXmove focuses on cooperative, urban mobility and plans to build a fluid and integrated mobility infrastructure based on the software developed by Daimler Mobility. The vision of bloXmove: a global alliance of all mobility providers to reduce complexity for users.

Our decentralized and shared technology makes it possible to connect the multitude of mobility offerings in the world with one click and in one shop. Mobility users who want to go from A to B and sometimes further to C could then seamlessly use all connected offers across countries. And this without the need for a variety of different apps. The software in the background provides bloXmove, the mobility providers maintain the direct customer.

—Sophia Rödiger, Chief Executive Officer of bloXmove

The parties have agreed not to disclose the terms of the transaction.


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