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Following its launch of the e Autopos brand, an EV body concept (PBC-EV) and new electrical steel for notors (earlier post), POSCO has introduced its battery pack and steel.

POSCO Battery Pack for Electric Vehicle (PBP-EV) is POSCO’s battery pack for a third-generation EV skateboard using Giga Steel, stainless steel, and wire rod to correspond to third-generation electric vehicle skateboard structure. Collision safety performance has been enhanced by making ultra-high-strength steel by the roll-forming method.


e Autopos’ battery pack is a component equipped with various control and protection systems in several modules, and POSCO’s high-strength steel plate and Giga Steel are applied. Giga Steel is a steel plate that can withstand more than 100 kg per 1mm² area. In the event of a car accident, Giga Steel protects the battery. It also makes it possible to reduce the weight of the battery pack, increasing the mileage of the electric vehicle.

The stainless steel used in the battery pack is applied to the outer frame structure of the module in which a certain number of battery cells are bundled together to protect the car from external shock, heat, vibration, and more. Stainless steel has the advantage of suppressing swelling of battery cells during battery charging and discharging, and not being rusted even by moisture inside the battery pack because stainless steel is strong and resistant to corrosion.

POSCO says that a good battery pack should offer:

  • Excellent heat-radiating properties (the function to release heat generated from the inside to the outside);

  • Strong case to protect battery cells in case of an accident; and

  • Durability and corrosion resistance that do not cause deformation or deterioration of the structure even after a long drive.


The basic structure of the POSCO pack is a roll-forming closed cross-section frame type, with a battery capacity of 60kWh, battery pack total weight of 424kg, and a case weight of 73.8kg. The main focus of the design is first, the lighter weight of the battery pack case, and second, the maximization of collision safety performance.

Collision safety performance was reinforced through the roll-forming frame structure pack case design; the number of parts was minimized while maximizing the loading space of the battery cell. Also, it is designed to change the outer frame length easily as battery capacity increases and decreases, minimizing remanufacturing of the mold due to the changes in battery capacity. It is designed with ultra-light weight by applying Giga-grade or higher steel materials including 1470MART, 1180CP, and 980DP. The production cost can be reduced to 70% compared to the aluminum battery pack case of the same capacity, POSCO said.

  • 1470MART Steel: Applied to the outermost frame of the battery pack, so that external shocks are not transmitted to the internal battery cells in the event of a vehicle body collision as much as possible.

  • 1180CP: Applied to the Cross Member inside the battery pack to maintain internal space equipped with the battery cell in the case of an external shock.

  • 980DP: Mounted on the floor and protects the battery pack from penetration by bounding from the road when driving an EV.

In addition, the PBP-EV has a cooling device to release heat generated from the battery cell while charging and discharging power, and the battery pack can be lightened by applying as much Giga Steel as possible to increase the mileage of electric vehicles.


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