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BYD introducing battery-electric Type D school bus

BYD is introducing a battery-electric Type D school bus. With length options of 35, 38, and 40 feet, BYD’s Type D battery-electric school bus can seat up to 84 and can be equipped with an ADA liftgate. The bus has a range of up to 155 miles on a single charge.


The school buses can be charged overnight when energy demand is low, and electricity can be fed back into the classroom during school hours when the bus is parked keeping classrooms well-lit and students and teachers plugged-in.

BYD made safety the top priority in its school bus design, including such features as electronic stability control to aid handling, a collision avoidance system, and a 360-degree monitoring system to detect pedestrians and cyclists when the bus is operating at slow speeds.

In addition, BYD adds an additional layer of protection for children as they exit the bus with its Predictive Stop Arm, which monitors approaching traffic and notifies students when it may not be safe to cross.

BYD buses can be equipped with IMMI’S Safeguard 3-point lap-shoulder belts, integrated child seats, and portable restraints. These school bus seats are not only designed to keep children safer, but they have the benefits of improving behavior, reducing bullying, and minimizing driver distraction.

With the driver being the first safety element, BYD drew from the experience of thousands of bus operators to enhance comfort and ergonomics in designing the driver’s cockpit. The driver’s area features comfort seats, an 18-inch power steering wheel and telescopic steering column, high level of visibility, and easy to reach control switches. The driver can also control the air conditioning over the cockpit in addition to controlling the system for passengers.

At the heart of the BYD Type D is a lithium iron phosphate battery, the safest and most reliable in the electric vehicle industry. BYD’s powertrain features high-speed, dual in-wheel traction motors which deliver outstanding efficiency.


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As a former school bus driver - That's all you need. Good offering.

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