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California Energy Commission proposes ~$2.7M for two projects on direct recycling of Li-ion batteries

In January, the California Energy Commission (CEC) released a competitive solicitation (GFO-20-308) to fund applied research and development (ARD) projects that improve, scale-up, and increase the technology readiness of high-value direct recycling processes for lithium-ion batteries.

Direct recycling approaches recover the functional cathode particle without decomposition into constituent elements as practiced with conventional hydrometallurgy and hydrometallurgical electrode synthesis.


“Direct recycling” of materials can offset production of virgin materials and associated environmental impacts. Source: Argonne National Lab, ReCell Advanced Battery Recycling Center 2020

The CEC received four project applications and is proposing two of them for funding; the total amount recommended is $2,686,115. The selected projects are:

  • The University of California, San Diego, Development of Efficient and Scalable Direct Recycling Technology for Lithium-Ion Batteries. CEC recommends awarding $1,684,308; UCSD will provide $1,364,080 in matching funds.

  • OnTo Technology, LLC, Cathode-Healing for Recycling and Manufacturing of Lithium-ion Batteries. CEC recommends $1,001,807 in funding; OnTo will provide $816,000 in matching funds.

Funding of proposed projects from this solicitation is contingent upon the approval of these projects at a publicly noticed CEC business meeting and execution of a grant agreement.

If the CEC is unable to negotiate and execute a funding agreement with an applicant in a timely manner, the commission, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel or otherwise modify the pending award, and award the funds to another applicant.

In addition, the CEC reserves the right to: 1) add to, remove, or shift funding between the different groups; and 2) negotiate with successful applicants to modify the project scope, schedule, or level of funding.


  • Steve Sloop, Lauren Crandon, Marshall Allen, Kara Koetje, Lori Reed, Linda Gaines, Weekit Sirisaksoontorn, Michael Lerner (2020) Ú“A direct recycling case study from a lithium-ion battery recall,” Sustainable Materials and Technologies, Volume 25, doi: 10.1016/j.susmat.2020.e00152 (open access)


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