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According to an International Energy Agency (IEA) forecast, green hydrogen has the potential to fulfil 17% of the global energy demand by 2050. Haldor Topsoe is determined to take a leading position in the green hydrogen space, and has established a focused green hydrogen organization to accelerate its business.

Topsoe offers an end-to-end portfolio within green hydrogen production by electrolysis and the associated downstream production of ammonia, methanol, and e-fuels. The new organization will leverage Topsoe’s insights into solid oxide electrolysis.

At the core of our efforts is our capability to turn renewable power into essential carbon-neutral fuels and chemicals. We have Topsoe’s leading electrolysis technology, now we add the fully focused organization and leadership needed to realize its true potential. I am thrilled to welcome Chokri Mousaoui as Executive Vice President and head of the organization. Chokri brings great leadership and commercial experience from a highly successful tech startup and will lead our work to accelerate the commercialization of our green hydrogen business.

—Roeland Baan, CEO at Topsoe

In March, Topsoe announced that it will build a large-scale SOEC electrolyzer manufacturing facility to meet customer needs for green hydrogen production. When operational in 2023, the facility will produce electrolysis stacks with a capacity of 500 MW per year, expandable to 5 GW. The industrial-scale electrolyzers will be based on Topsoe’s proprietary SOEC high-temperature electrolysis technology offering 30% larger hydrogen output compared to standard technologies.

Selected projects with Topsoe technologies:

  • 100 MW Aquamarine project - Germany; Topsoe and Aquamarine have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to build a 100 megawatt SOEC electrolysis facility to produce green hydrogen to be converted into 300 tons/day of green ammonia.

  • NEOM Helios project, Saudi Arabia; Topsoe delivers ammonia technology for the world’s biggest green hydrogen facility being built in Saudi Arabia. The facility will produce 650 tons/day of carbon-free hydrogen to power trucks and buses.

  • Green Fuels project, Denmark; a partnership of Danish companies that will establish green hydrogen production in the Greater Copenhagen Area. Topsoe contributes with know-how about technologies that convert captured CO2 into sustainable methanol and jet fuel using green hydrogen.

  • Green methanol facilities, Scandinavia; as member of a Power-to-X consortium led by Liquid Wind, Topsoe will produce eMethanol on a commercial scale based on green hydrogen and CO2 capture from waste incineration.


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