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School bus manufacturer Blue Bird Corporation has electric-powered school buses delivered or on order. As the only school bus manufacturer that produces and sells all three school-bus body configurations in EV, Blue Bird expects its electric bus sales to accelerate through the rest of 2021.

Blue Bird’s electric-powered school buses support new federal initiatives on climate change, including the Clean School Bus Act and the Clean Commute for Kids Act. With students returning to school and the federal government’s plan to invest in infrastructure and US-made electric vehicles, Blue Bird expects substantial growth in zero-emission school bus sales in the years ahead.

In the push for clean transportation, we expect municipalities to incorporate more zero-emission vehicles in their fleets, which include around 600,000 school buses. In anticipation of the growth in demand, we’ll be increasing our EV production capacity to 3,000 units next year. We fully expect that by 2030, nearly 100% of our sales will come from EV school buses.

—Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation


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