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Echandia, a Swedish innovation company in battery and fuel-cell systems, now has its marine battery system, based on LTO technology, type-approved by Bureau Veritas. The solution has proved to meet high international performance and safety requirements, as well as meeting the customer requirements for service life and reliability, which means at least 10 years of heavy operation without interruption.

The system is based on Toshiba LTO cells. Echandia is Toshiba’s preferred maritime module integrator and one of the few global suppliers with the experience, solutions, and certification to embark on large projects.

An important step on the road to electrifying shipping is to have safe and reliable battery systems. In the maritime area, there are a few classification societies that certify and approve the systems that must meet high standards. One of the largest, with 47,000 employees and operations in 140 countries, is Bureau Veritas.

Echandia is the only company in the world to have a certified LTO battery system for marine use in tugboats. It is a breakthrough for safe LTO technology and as tugboats and ferries in local traffic increasingly become battery-powered, the future looks very bright.

—Magnus Eriksson, CEO and founder of Echandia

The requirements for workboats and passenger ferries are higher than for leisure boats. Often they need to be charged quickly and are usually in operation for long periods without interruption. The energy storage systems (ESS) that are being developed are scalable, air-cooled and modular battery systems based on Toshiba’s LTO cells.

The first to use the battery system was the world-leading tugboat manufacturer Damen Shipyards, which built one of the first full-size hybridized tugboats.

In January, Damen and Echandia announced a global partnership, combining Echandia’s DNV-Certified E-LTO energy systems (type approval awarded in 2020) and battery expertise, and Damen’s industry-leading tugboat experience.

Their first project is a fully-electric ship-handling tug to service New Zealand’s largest container and international trade terminal—the Ports of Auckland Limited (POAL). With this port managing over half of New Zealand’s imports and exports, as well as servicing hundreds of thousands of cruise ship voyagers each year this is an exciting project for Echandia to undertake.

The RSD-E Tug 2513 will be a zero-emissions derivation of the IMO Tier III-ready RSD Tug 2513, introduced by Damen in 2018. The 2.8 MWh ESS is specifically optimized for the RSD-E Tug application and is now type-certified by Bureau Veritas.

This is an important milestone for the new, stable, secure LTO battery technology. Certification for marine battery use is the most difficult to achieve, which is why LTO technology can now be expected to make an impact in several areas. Echandia already has a type-approval for its E-LTO system from DNV.

—Jacob Zeidler, project engineer at Echandia


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