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Amogy closes funding round for ammonia-based mobility solutions

Amogy Inc., a developer of ammonia-based, high energy-density power solutions, announced the close of a major funding round. Led by AP Ventures, an investor in hydrogen technologies, the round included San-Francisco-based funds DCVC and Collaborative Fund, and investor Shaun Arora. Proceeds will be used for the first commercial demonstration of the high-performance clean mobility powered by ammonia.

Transportation accounts for 17% of global and 32% of the US greenhouse gas emissions. For weight- and volume-constrained applications such as heavy-duty ground/sea/air transportations it will be critical to find solutions with high energy density which deliver zero emission power, without compromising on performance.

Ammonia as an energy carrier offers a solution for these applications, due to its significantly higher energy density than batteries or conventional gaseous hydrogen storage. However, to date, ammonia as an energy carrier has been under-explored due to the lack of technology which can efficiently extract energy from ammonia in a constrained space. Amogy says that its technology unlocks the potential of ammonia for mobility applications by providing a highly efficient, lightweight, compact ammonia processor.


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