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Huntsman plans increased production of ethylene carbonate for EV battery electrolytes

Huntsman Corporation announced that its Performance Products division is planning to significantly increase its existing capacity for ULTRAPURE Ethylene Carbonate at its Conroe, Texas facility by mid-2023.

In recent years, Huntsman has seen strong growth in ULTRAPURE Ethylene Carbonate tied to the evolution of EVs and the localization of lithium-ion battery production. To meet this increased demand, Huntsman has added a range of new high-purity grades of Ethylene Carbonate for EV battery applications.

This capacity expansion will leverage our position as the only US producer of cyclic carbonates and support the rapid growth of the US and European lithium-ion battery markets for EVs.

—Chuck Hirsch, Senior Vice President of Huntsman’s Performance Products division

Ethylene carbonate is typically used in the liquid electrolyte for Li-ion batteries, along with LiPF6, and at least one linear carbonate selected from dimethyl carbonate (DMC), diethyl carbonate (DEC), ethyl methyl carbonate (EMC) and many additives.


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