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German Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier and Federal Minister of Research Anja Karliczek, together with their Australian counterpart, Energy Minister Angus Taylor, have signed a letter of intent to establish a “Germany Australia Hydrogen Accord” to facilitate a green hydrogen supply chain between the countries.

Germany is looking to the partnership as a means of enabling the import of sustainably produced hydrogen in relevant quantities.

The accord is to be embedded in the work of the already existing German-Australian energy partnership, with a focus on hydrogen. Australia is ready to provide substantial financial support for this collaboration. German companies are very interested in participating in hydrogen projects in Australia, including as suppliers of electrolyzers.

Among other things, we will promote the production of hydrogen on an industrial scale in Australia with German-Australian ‘Hydrogen Hubs’ using German technology and explore possibilities for cooperation within the framework of our new international funding instrument ‘H2-Global’.

—Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister of Economics

The German-Australian cooperation gives German companies the opportunity to export technology. With the HyGATE technology incubator, we bring together players from science and business from both countries in order to develop, demonstrate and test green hydrogen technologies along the entire value chain—from generation, through storage and transport to use.

Another great advantage of the partnership: a country like Australia, which has previously exported coal on a large scale, is building up a new, climate-friendly perspective as an energy exporter, true to the motto ‘shipping the sunshine’—practically packaged sunshine from Australia.

—Anja Karliczek, Federal Research Minister

The accord provides for three different initiatives:

  1. HyGate. Co-financing of an AUS-DEU H2 incubator for applied research. Germany’s contribution: €50 million. The aim of the incubator is to develop and improve hydrogen technologies and to test them in real conditions as a preliminary stage for subsequent scaling.

  2. Co-financing of “HydrogenHubs”. Production of H2 on an industrial scale in Australia using German technology. Co-financed as part of the planned German funding guidelines for international H2 projects and Australian funding for hydrogen hubs. Australia has already approved a funding program for Hydrogen Hubs amounting to A$275 million (€175 million). Part of this money is to be used primarily for hubs that use German technology. In addition, a Germany-Australia Industry Group is to be used to identify projects along the value chain that are suitable for such co-financing and cooperation.

  3. Cooperation on H2-Handel. Co-financing of an auction within the framework of H2-Global, which is regionally limited to Australia. Australia is ready to support an auction by H2-Global with approximately €50 million, with H2 (or derivative) produced in Australia to be delivered to Germany.



Germany's Federal Minister of Economics - Peter Altmaier - is greedy, totally overweight and ignorant. He's pretty much the most incompetent person to occupy this position in a German Ministry since decades.

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