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Fenix Marine Services (FMS) has fully transitioned its fleet of more than 300 pieces of container handling equipment from fossil-based diesel fuel to a renewable diesel fuel blend, effective immediately. This transition also covers smaller, support vehicles previously powered by diesel.


Fenix Marine Services in the Port of Los Angeles is one of the largest marine terminals in North America, spanning nearly 300 acres and 4,000 feet of the wharf. Fenix is in a prime location adjacent to the Port’s deep-sea channel and a ship-turning basin. The Fenix team achieves well over a million lifts annually (about 2 million TEUs).

Renewable diesel’s (RD) carbon intensity (CI) rivals battery-electric equipment, and reduces particulates by 90%, NOx by 70% and completely eliminates sulfur emissions. The blend known as RD80 is produced from 80% recycled organic oils/animal fats, and 20% biodiesel.

Fenix has secured a long-term commitment to supply its total fuel demand with renewable diesel, and is making this commitment long before required transitions to other low- or near-zero emissions options planned over the next decade.

Renewable Diesel is added to Fenix’s growing list of ESG actions, including replacing or repowering more than 50 older pieces of equipment with the latest emissions control technologies, including hybrid and hydrogen fuel cells, purchasing renewable energy credits for the entire electrical supply, and being awarded LADWP’s biggest Commercial Lighting Incentive Program (CLIP) project in 2020.


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