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Robomart, the store-hailing platform (earlier post), announced its official launch in West Hollywood, California. Using the proprietary Robomart app, consumers can hail an automated store on wheels and have it arrive at their location in less than 10 minutes, making it the fastest delivery service available today. For this launch, Robomart has partnered with REEF, the largest operator of mobility and logistics hubs and neighborhood kitchens in North America, to manage product stocking, tagging, scanning, integrity and replenishment.


In 2018, Robomart made its debut at CES, where the company unveiled the world’s first self-driving grocery store. Robomart continues to develop its autonomous technology and will incorporate driverless vehicles into its fleet as regulations allow.

Robomart works in a similar fashion to Uber in that you can hail a mobile store to come to you and when it arrives, you open the doors with your app and handpick your own products. Robomart solves multiple pain points consumers experience when using other retail platforms and grocery delivery services.

According to a recent survey, 90% of grocery deliveries take more than 30 minutes to arrive—at least three times longer than Robomart, and 87% of consumers who use other grocery delivery services often receive the wrong items, making these services less than ideal when people need items quickly.

Robomart eliminates these issues and allows consumers to view a list of all products in the Robomart app before hailing and then handpick their items when the Robomart arrives at their door—leaving no room for product selection error or out of stock items. The Robomart shopping experience also removes the lengthy, time-consuming shopping cart creation and checkout processes by implementing a proprietary RFID-based checkout-free system that allows users to take the selected products, place them in the bag and walk away—without physically checking out and paying.

As part of this initial launch, the company is premiering two Robomart types: a Pharmacy Robomart that includes shampoo, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen and more, which was recently piloted in West Hollywood; and a ready-to-eat Snacks Robomart that includes chocolates, chips, soft drinks and other snack products.

The company is in the development phase with its Grocery Robomart, which will feature fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other refrigerated items. Robomart plans to expand its fleet to include Pantry, Deli and Café Robomarts in the coming months.

Robomart has partnered with Zeeba, its vehicle fleet supplier, and Zebra Technologies and Avery Dennison, the world’s leaders in RFID, who have provided support for Robomart’s proprietary RFID tracking technology.



I assume from the picture that they are just using cameras to prevent theft?


@Davemart - my thoughts are along the same lines, especially in degenerating urban settings.... those things will be completely looted by people with their identities concealed during the next inner city riots. But maybe they will spread the costs around with Uber/Lyft-style dynamic pricing based on time of day and ghetto it will be driving into.

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