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Report: VW to exit combustion engine business in Europe by 2033-2035

In an interview with, Volkswagen sales director Klaus Zellmer said that the brand would exit the combustion engine vehicle business in Europe between 2033 and 2035, and a little later in the US and China. In South America and Africa, he said, “due to the lack of political and infrastructural framework conditions, it will take a good bit longer.”

Volkswagen has set the goal to make the global fleet CO2 neutral by 2050 at the latest.

As a volume manufacturer, Volkswagen has to adapt to the different speeds of transformation in the individual regions. Competitors who sell vehicles primarily in Europe, for example, will certainly have to deal with significantly less complexity in the transformation due to the clear political guidelines. We will continue to press ahead with our very ambitious e-offensive, but align ourselves with the needs of our customers.

We will need combustion technology for a few more years. We will therefore continue to invest in optimizing our drives. Of course, this also applies to diesel. With a view to the possible introduction of an EU7 standard, diesel is certainly a particular challenge. But there are driving profiles for which diesel engines are still very much in demand, especially among customers with high mileage.

—Klaus Zellmer


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