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Karma Automotive debuts first Club Car Current EVs produced under agreement with AYRO

The Karma Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) revealed the first Club Car Current vehicles being produced under a contract manufacturing agreement with AYRO. These light-duty EVs fill the gap between full-sized trucks and small utility carts for low-speed logistics and cargo services in campus and urban environments. Karma and AYRO previously announced the formation of a partnership to produce vehicles under the arrangement.


The relationship with AYRO is part of Karma Automotive’s ongoing business-to-business (B2B) initiatives, utilizing KICC and the company’s OEM expertise and capabilities, to provide manufacturing, engineering, design, and other services to customers in the mobility space.

By combining AYRO’s end-user, market intelligence and engineering expertise with KICC’s manufacturing capabilities and development experience, the companies aim to deliver light-duty trucks and electric delivery vehicles to businesses across the US.

The Club Car Current is engineered for multiple bed options and accessories—van box, pickup truck with sides, flatbed configurations—for fleet versatility. It is also certified under California’s California Air Resource Board (CARB) Certification Program with “cleanest” scores for global warming and air quality of zero emission vehicles.

Beginning operations in 2017 and re-named in 2019, the Karma Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) is California-based Karma Automotive’s production hub. The KICC facility in Moreno Valley, CA houses production of the company’s current model, the 2022 Karma GS-6 luxury electric vehicle. In addition to providing high quality craftsmanship and technology integration for Karma vehicles, KICC also provides contract manufacturing, engineering, and other services for various companies in the mobility space.

KICC is home to the company’s chassis and body shops, trim and final assembly, e-coat and paint shop, complete flash and end-of-line testing.

With more than 60 years of experience in innovation and design in producing small-wheel vehicles, Club Car is a leading manufacturer of gas and electric golf, utility, and personal transportation vehicles.

Texas-based AYRO, Inc., engineers and manufactures purpose-built electric vehicles to enable sustainable fleets.


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