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Deutsche Bahn has selected Wystrach—a specialist in the transport and storage of gases—to provide a plug-and-play hydrogen refueling station for the joint H2goesRail project—a green hydrail mobility solution.

With a view to replacing diesel, hydrogen generated from green electricity is forging a path toward climate neutrality. Refueling that’s as fast, reliable, and competitive as conventional diesel systems is the key to successfully establishing green hydrogen in rail applications. This refueling infrastructure is hugely important—it’s a game changer that will set standards.

—Torsten Schein, CEO of DB Energie

Deutsche Bahn and Wystrach are working closely together to develop the refueling system, which will consist of a 45 ft tank container and a 40 ft refueling station. The latter includes a 500-bar storage unit, a compressor, a hydrogen precooling system, and two sets of refueling connectors.


There are two options for supplying the system with hydrogen: either at a designated refueling facility or using electrolysis and compression on-site. Wystrach delivers the control unit and safety technology, and a communication standard between the refueling station and the train is also being developed as part of the project.

As a supplier of hydrogen technology systems, Wystrach can draw on its previous experience: with its WyRefueler, the company’s portfolio features an approved plug-and-play refueling station solution that is already in use in the field.


This type of flexible plug-and-play system with intelligent energy management suits the H2goesRail project’s requirements, as it allows the hydrogen refueling station to be set up and operated in multiple test environments. The overall system is being developed, tested, and optimized by DB Energie.

Alongside the new hydrogen filling station concept, a special hydrogen train is also being developed. Siemens Mobility is building the new Mireo Plus H for this purpose. It has a hydrogen drive system consisting of a fuel cell and a battery.


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