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CAF Power & Automation selects Skeleton ultracapacitors to complete OESS portfolio for trams

Skeleton Technologies signed a contract with CAF Power & Automation, the global manufacturer of electric power solutions for the rail industry, to supply ultracapacitors in trams powered by CAF P&A’s OESS-s (On Board Energy Storage Systems). Skeleton’s cells will be included in Greentech OESS portfolio already used by some of the leading railway companies worldwide to offer solutions to energy recovery, peak shaving and catenary-free applications.

As energy efficiency is now the key design criteria for any public transportation system, ultracapacitors are ready to significantly contribute to the rail industry.

Attractive features of the Skeleton technology include:

  • The ultracapacitor technology can significantly improve tram efficiency - reducing costs and CO2 emissions;

  • it can also enable compatibility between existing limited power in infrastructure and the demand of high peaks of power of modern trams; and

  • it enables a unique solution for 100% catenary free solutions operating only with ultra-fast charging in stations.

Skeleton’s cells will be integrated into Greentech OESS-s, which are already powering trams in dozens of countries including the UK, Australia, Estonia, Luxembourg, and Spain.


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