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EDP, a Portuguese integrated energy utility; TechnipFMC, a technology provider to the traditional and new energy industries; and other research partners are joining forces to develop a conceptual engineering and economic feasibility study for a new offshore system for green hydrogen production from offshore wind power, called the BEHYOND (Bolstering the joint opEration of HYdrogen and Offshore wiND) project.


The main objectives of BEHYOND are:

  • The engineering project of an offshore hydrogen production module (electrolysis) and corresponding infrastructure using the electricity generated at offshore wind farms during curtailment;

  • To create an innovative system to face the increasing challenges of the energy sector, namely the growth of renewables’ penetration in the power system, which are highly intermittent and dependent on market based revenues;

  • To offer a solution to wind farm owners by increasing the competitiveness of offshore wind tenders, ensuring access to a new, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy vector; and

  • To increase the share of hydrogen in the final energy demand to enlarge the low-carbon energy sources share in the global energy mix and promote the environmental sustainability.

The study will include innovative integration of equipment for the production and conditioning of green hydrogen and infrastructure that allows for its transportation to the coast. The goal is to create a unique concept that can be standardized and implemented worldwide, allowing for large-scale hydrogen production.

BEHYOND brings together global players in energy, EDP and TechnipFMC, with the CEiiA research center - Center for Engineering and Development; WavEC Offshore Renewables; and the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN). The joint development will allow the consortium partners to position themselves in the hydrogen value chain, developing new business models and creating engineering solutions, new products and services for the hydrogen sector, worldwide.

This consortium will strengthen cooperation between Portugal and Norway and increase Portugal's competitiveness in the growth of the “blue economy.” The BEHYOND project was selected for support by the Blue Growth Programme of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA Grants).

EDP, through the participation of EDP NEW and EDP Inovação, is the project

coordinator and the entity responsible for the implementation of several phases: the strategic evaluation of the offshore wind-to-hydrogen market; the definition of viable business cases; and the technology roadmap to reach commercial maturity.

Each member of the consortium brings specific competences that are complementary:

  • EDP brings expertise in the development of offshore wind and in the implementation of innovative and complex projects, such as the WindFloat, a pioneer floating offshore solution.

  • TechnipFMC brings its extended history in subsea engineering, expertise developed on its Deep Purple green hydrogen project, and essential system integration abilities.

  • CEiiA has extended its experience of developing complex structures for sectors, including aerospace into the marine environment, and has competencies in systems, electronics, and connectivity.

  • WavEC Offshore Renewables is a R&D consultancy encompassing all marine renewable technologies, and a reference institution in the field in Europe.

  • USN is applying systems engineering techniques to gain early understanding of the needs of the overall systems, reducing risks in the latter phases.

Hydrogen is a strategic area in the global development of clean energies and in which EDP aims to invest worldwide. By leading the BEHYOND project, the company is anticipating, leading the key trend and contributing to a sustainable future.


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