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Air Products chooses Haldor Topsoe’s SynCOR technology for world-scale blue hydrogen energy complex in Canada

Air Products has selected Haldor Topsoe’s low-carbon SynCOR technology for a world-scale net-zero hydrogen energy complex in Canada. Topsoe’s SynCOR technology will enable capture of more than 95% of CO2 emissions from the production of blue hydrogen from natural gas for the recently announced Air Products facility to be built in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Earlier post.) The captured CO2 will be stored underground.

Hydrogen-fueled electricity will power the plant and offset the remaining five percent of emissions at the site. The clean energy complex will help refining and petrochemical customers served by the Air Products Heartland Hydrogen Pipeline to reduce their carbon intensity. The complex will also produce liquid hydrogen for merchant sales and as a clean fuel in the transportation sector.

This industry-proven and advanced technology produces hydrogen at large scale with low emissions and energy consumption. Canada’s clean energy diversification strategy has marked hydrogen as a key enabler for Canada to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Expected to come onstream in 2024, the SynCOR-based hydrogen facility will effectively support that goal.

Topsoe offers a complete range of market-leading hydrogen production technologies, including electrolysis technology to produce green hydrogen.

The hydrogen complex is part of Air Products’ ambition to reach more than 1,500 tons of hydrogen production per day and achieve more than three million tons per year of CO2 capture in Alberta alone.



Let's hope they've systems in place to prevent methane leaks. Blue hydrogen only makes sense if methane leaks can be prevented.


Natural gas wells held methane for a long time, they can hold CO2


Better still, add CSS to existing Nat Gas power stations and you are in business.
You can run the grid on gas+renewables + whatever else low carbon power you have.

But as pdd says, you have to avoid methane leaks, else, we are in trouble.


You don't want carbon dioxide in a valley


Well! not only do we have Green H2 but also Blue H2; I wonder if they will call their huge output from reforming natural gas 'Purple H2' all invented words for greenwashing. Don't be fooled; If Air Products can sell H2 created by their polluting process of reforming, they will.


We will not be fooled thanks for your uplifting comments /s

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