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EV battery manufacturing expert network launched: Batteryline.com

Batteryline.com introduces a new network website for experts in the manufacturing of EV batteries based on the need for more knowledge in the related automotive industry.

In the drive to supply the world with high quality and cost-effective batteries there is a need to improve worldwide production. The fast-growing market already faces the challenges of the supply of raw materials, the supply chain towards the automotive industry and flexibility towards new innovative battery types. Sustainable solutions like re-use, recycling and small ecological footprints increase those challenges.

The batteryline.com community will continuously look for ways to improve the production, re-use and recycling of batteries. The industry will also gain from the analysis of the data-controlled lifetime of the battery(pack). New engineered production and supply chain processes will support the further innovation of electrical driving.

Batterline’s specific expertise focuses on 5 steps of the future battery manufacturing lines:

  • Production of the casings from cylindrical, prismatic and pouch cells

  • Assembly of the cases to individual battery cells

  • Assembly of the individual battery cells to battery modules and packs

  • Processes to accomplish re-use of batteries

  • Recycling of battery packs and their components

All these specific parts of the processing of batteries for mostly electrical vehicles will have their specific challenges with exponential growing demands. The design of the battery cell will change. The design of the battery pack will change. The supply chain of battery manufacturing will chance. The manufacturing of the battery cells, modules and packs will change. The demands on cascade utilization of the battery will challenge the manufacturing process to offer multi-purpose functionality.


The batteryline.com community intends to share information on subjects such as:

  • How manufacturing expertise can contribute to increase the performance of batteries on charging time, range, life time, multi-use, re-use, recycling, etc.

  • Which experts, partners and suppliers are contributing to the new generation of battery lines.

  • Which main trends influence the production of batteries.

  • How digitalization will have an impact on the new generations of battery lines.

  • How data collection in battery cells, modules and packs will improve the manufacturing and supply chain.

  • How battery manufacturing will be more sustainable.

  • How existing systems for battery production can be optimized.

  • How to take care of existing battery lines and improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).


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