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Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a provider of fuel cell power solutions for motive applications, is teaming with DD DANNAR, LLC (DANNAR) on an integration project to develop hydrogen fuel cell power solutions to markets in need of clean power options that may include municipalities, fleets, military applications, agriculture and mining.

DANNAR manufactures the DANNAR Mobile Power Station (MPS), a configurable platform that serves as both a multi-purpose work utility vehicle as well as a mobile power supply. Nuvera is a developer of fuel cells for commercial power, especially for motive applications.

Use of Nuvera E-Series Fuel Cell Engines on DANNAR's mobile platform is intended to extend the operational range of the DANNAR MPS and introduce clean, safe, and efficient options for remote power for off-road and heavy equipment applications. With existing and forthcoming emissions mandates, DANNAR and Nuvera would be able to meet the needs of organizations and industries seeking clean energy options for mobility.

The Nuvera E-45 and E-60 Fuel Cell Engines can power mid- and heavy-duty vehicles such as buses, trucks, port equipment, delivery vans, and more. For high-power applications, multiple engines can be combined. The E-Series Fuel Cell Engines feature:

  • A fully integrated compact compressor and coolant pump;

  • Open flow field stack architecture for increased efficiency and power density;

  • Uncoated metal plates that provide proven resistance to shock and vibration; and

  • Patented controls to optimize operation and manage engine performance.


Nuvera is a subsidiary of Hyster-Yale Group, Inc., which designs, engineers, manufactures, sells, and services a comprehensive line of lift trucks and aftermarket parts marketed globally primarily under the Hyster and Yale brand names.


The Mobile Power Station (MPS) is the first zero-emission modular platform that functions as both a multi-purpose off-road work vehicle and offers a grid-scale auxiliary power supply. The DANNAR 4.00 MPS base unit can be customized with any of the more than 250 commercially available work attachments and tools that lift, grab, push, extract and haul.

It can also provide up to 500 kWh of on-demand electricity, via a configurable panel that offers multiple 110VAC and 208VAC outlets. With all-wheel-drive and autonomous capabilities, the MPS can be deployed in a range of operating environments, especially in those that are unsafe for personnel.

The base model comes standard with dual flat beds to accommodate a range of work functions from adding scissor lifts, forklift masts, or dump beds, to water tanks, electric water pumps, portable light units, or mobile telescoping cell towers. The DANNAR 4.00 accommodates all standard Caterpillar, Bobcat or John Deere attachments and is submersible in up to four feet of water.


The DANNAR carries Type I, II and III hydraulic tool circuits, is four-wheel drive and has four-wheel, multi-mode steering. Full and semi-autonomous options also available.

In the open platform configuration, the DANNAR 4.00 can provide up to a half Megawatt of energy storage in its high-capacity BMW lithium-ion battery packs. An optional 60 kW Cummins tier four generator can also provide 600 kWh of continuous export power and battery recharging. Solar charging stations can be integrated with the DANNAR 4.00 to provide extended off-grid energy independence and energy resilience.


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