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Minnesota has become the latest state to adopt California clean car standards; the new standards were finalized by a notice in the state register on Monday.


Original map from Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

The policy will implement two clean cars standards to reduce vehicle emissions.

  • The low-emission vehicle (LEV) standard requires vehicle manufacturers to deliver passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs that produce lower greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants for sale in Minnesota. The Minnesota LEV standard is identical to the California LEV III standard, which covers MY 2015-2025.

  • The zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) standard requires automobile manufacturers to deliver more vehicles with ultra-low or zero tailpipe emissions for sale in Minnesota, including electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid models.

The rule only applies to new light- and medium-duty vehicles for sale in Minnesota. Model year 2025 is the first possible model year affected by the Clean Cars MN rule, which take effect on 1 January 2024.

The federal Clean Air Act (CAA) prohibits any state from adopting new motor vehicle emission standards that differ from those established under the CAA. However, the CAA also permits the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to waive the express preemption of state regulations for the State of California, under section 209(b), and section 177 permits other states to adopt regulations that are identical to those promulgated by California.


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