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Faraday Battery Challenge awards $14M to 17 battery projects

UKRI announced a further investment of £10 million (US$14 million) from the Faraday Battery Challenge to support collaborative R&D projects co-funded by industry and managed by Innovate UK on behalf of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

This latest round of Faraday Battery Challenge funding will be shared across 17 projects being undertaken by businesses and research institutions across the UK.

Projects funded include:

  • The development of 1 kWh sodium nickel chloride battery system and associated manufacturing processes led by Lina Energy Ltd;

  • Current collector for improved battery performance (COATED) led by DZP Technologies Limited;

  • LiMHiT—Lithium Metal electrode High Throughput screening—led by Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited;

  • High-Integrity busbars for electric vehicle battery systems led by H.V. Wooding Limited;

  • COBRA—Cloud/On-board Battery Remaining useful life Algorithm—led by Eatron Technologies Ltd;

  • Multi-Bat led by Ricardo UK Limited;

  • Smart Three-dimensional ELectrode Lithium-ion batteries with Automated Robotics (STELLAR) led by Addionics Limited;

  • HIPERCARB—High performance hard carbon composites for Na-ion—led by Deregallera Ltd;

  • Power-Up (Power cell Upscaling project) led by Amte Power Ltd;

  • Rapid manufacture of solid-state battery structures by additive manufacturing and Flash sintering led by Lucideon Limited;

  • SABRE (Silicon Anode Battery for Rapid Electrification) led by Nexeon Limited;

  • Realizing the UK Value-chain in Graphene Composite Battery Materials (GRAVITY) led by Anaphite Limited;

  • A first-of-a-kind, ultra-low-cost second-life battery solution unlocking the mass-market for resource-efficient home energy storage led by Powervault Ltd;

  • Innovative discharging technologies for Lithium-ion battery recyclability (DISCOVERY) led by Advanced Electronics & Logistics Limited;

  • Accelerated Na-ion battery technology development through machine learning, advanced modelling and digitalisation for traceability (AccelerateSIB) led by Granta Design Limited;

  • GENESIS (Generating Energetic Novel cells and Systems Inspired by Software) led by Power by Britishvolt Plc; and

  • CASCADE (Cathode and Anode Supply Chain for Advanced DEmonstrator)—led by Echion Technologies Ltd.


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