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Nutrien, the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services, and EXMAR, a provider of floating solutions for the operation, transportation and transformation of gas, will jointly develop and build a low-carbon, ammonia-fueled vessel. Partners for more than three decades in transporting ammonia globally, Nutrien is one of the world’s largest producers of low-carbon ammonia and EXMAR is a leading player and innovator in the transportation of liquefied gas products.

Nutrien and EXMAR support the decarbonization of shipping and the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Green House Gas (GHG) Strategy to reduce emissions. Their new collaboration aims to reduce Nutrien’s maritime transportation emissions significantly and to enable the commercial development of an ammonia-fueled vessel.

Nutrien has actively been pursuing the development of low-carbon ammonia for more than a decade, and has approximately 1 million tonnes of production capability through its Redwater and Joffre Alberta operations, as well as its Geismar, Louisiana facility which employs carbon capture and sequestration technology to reduce the carbon intensity of its ammonia for use as a maritime fuel.

When compared to conventional fuels, it is anticipated that the use of Nutrien’s existing low-carbon ammonia will achieve a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of up to 40%. Emissions reductions of up to 70% can be achieved with the development of low-carbon ammonia using proven, scalable, best available technology and permanent sequestration of CO2, the partners said.

Nutrien and EXMAR are confident that development of a vessel powered by low-carbon ammonia can align with IMO’s 2050 goals, and expect deep decarbonization of the maritime industry to be achievable prior to 2030.

Under the collaboration agreement, Nutrien and EXMAR will collaborate on the following:

  • Select an ammonia engine and supply system manufacturer

  • Select a shipyard capable of building an ammonia-powered vessel

  • Use Nutrien’s existing low-carbon ammonia supply from Geismar, LA as a fuel

  • Deploy an ammonia-fueled vessel as early as 2025


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