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BorgWarner supplying dual inverters and iDM220 integrated drive module to Chinese OEMs

BorgWarner will supply dual inverters for two premier Chinese OEMs. The dual inverters will be featured on both hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) versions of the Great Wall Motor (GWM) LEMON platform, and the other major Chinese OEM will utilize the technology on its own HEV and PHEV passenger car models.


Production for the GWM dual inverter is currently underway, with and without a DC/DC converter option, which was launched on several 2021 GWM models. The project with the other major Chinese OEM is planned for 2023 models.

BorgWarner’s dual inverter range combines different power electronic technologies into one compact package. A single unit can control and drive two electric motors while delivering cost and weight reductions, as well as enabling flexible packaging and easier installations. Additionally, BorgWarner’s dual inverter provides propulsion, energy generation and re-capturing of energy in hybrid powertrains.

iDM220 integrated drive module. BorgWarner also recently announced it will be supplying its iDM220 integrated drive module to a leading Chinese luxury New Energy Vehicle (NEV) brand. After the recent award of an iDM for a Korean customer, this is now the first business in China. The start of production for this business will be in Q1 2023.


Designed, developed and manufactured by BorgWarner, the iDM220 is a high-performance electric drive system. Operating at 400V, it also addresses upcoming market needs and allows for performance upgrades. The solution combines high-efficiency motor-controller technology with BorgWarner’s award-winning hairpin stator winding technology and advanced transmission system in a scalable, compact package that empowers global automakers to produce cleaner and more efficient vehicles.

Mounted on the rear drive, the iDM220 will provide up to 250 kW of power and 5000 N·m of torque. The advanced electric drive product offers a high degree of integration, high efficiency and smooth and quiet operation, while also delivering exceptional performance through its hairpin-wound stator motor technology.

The iDM incorporates an electric motor with a compact stator with an outer diameter of 220 mm, and integrates a gearbox and 400V silicon-based inverter, significantly reducing the weight and size of the entire system.

All of the components used in the iDM are part of BorgWarner’s technology portfolio and available either as a fully integrated module or as stand-alone solutions for new energy vehicles.


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