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Jemena and Coregas partner on green hydrogen for New South Wales transport industry

Australian energy infrastructure company Jemena and gas supply company Coregas are partnering to advance the use of green hydrogen for the transport industry in New South Wales.


Under a new agreement, Jemena will produce and supply green hydrogen from its Western Sydney plant for use by transport and industrial customers from early 2022. This is the first time the New South Wales transport industry will have access to green hydrogen.

Jemena’s General Manager for Renewable Gas, Gabrielle Sycamore, said the agreement further demonstrates the potential of green hydrogen to store renewable energy and integrate future gas, electricity and transport refueling networks.

The green hydrogen will be produced at Jemena’s $15-million Western Sydney Green Gas demonstration project. Co-funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the Power-to-Gas project will convert solar and wind power into hydrogen gas via electrolysis. The hydrogen will then be stored for use across the Jemena Gas Network (JGN) in New South Wales, the biggest gas distribution network in Australia.

The JGN is 25,000 kilometers in length and is capable of storing as much energy as 8 million Powerwall bateries. The JGN supplies more than 1.4 million customers each year.

Coregas Executive General Manager Alan Watkins commented that Coregas is working hard to apply their expertise in hydrogen distribution, compression and storage as part of Australia’s transition to a hydrogen economy.



This should not be called green hydrogen. If you are using electricity from the NSW grid which is majority coal produced it is not green.
Typical for the sleazy NSW government.


Lots of greenwashing all around. If it's carbon based or produced by carbon based fuel, it's dirty, period!

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