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Gevo to sell renewable natural gas to bp

Gevo’s, wholly-owned dairy manure-based renewable natural gas (RNG) project company located in northwest Iowa—Gevo NW Iowa RNG, LLC (NW Iowa RNG)—has signed binding, definitive agreements with BP Canada Energy Marketing Corp. and BP Products North America Inc. (collectively, “bp” ) for the sale of NW Iowa RNG’s production.

The NW Iowa RNG project (earlier post) is currently being constructed and is expected to commence production in early 2022. Upon project completion, NW Iowa RNG is estimated to produce approximately 355,000 MMBtu of RNG per year. The RNG is expected to be sold into the California market under dispensing agreements bp has in place with Clean Energy Fuels Corp., the largest fueling infrastructure in the US for RNG.

RNG-fueled vehicles are estimated to result in up to 95% lower emissions than those fueled by gasoline or diesel on a lifecycle basis, according to a US Department of Energy study.

It is anticipated that NW Iowa RNG will benefit from environmental product revenues under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program and the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Identification Number (RIN) program.

Beginning in late 2022 upon stabilized operations and pathway certifications of its environmental products, NW Iowa RNG is expected to generate cash distributions to Gevo of approximately $9 to $16 million per year. Starting in 2024, Gevo will have the right to use a portion of NW Iowa RNG’s production as process energy at its Net-Zero 1 Project or other production facilities, including future Net-Zero projects.



If it's carbon based or produced by carbon based fuel, it's dirty, period

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Of course it's dirty, it is manure-based renewable natural gas.
So unless the whole world goes to a Vegan diet, then we need to do Dairy and Meat production using sustainable farming practices which Gevo promotes.
Healthy soil is just not "dirt", it is a living system that is an important carbon sink.
From the Gevo website:
"There was a time when big agriculture was not good for the land—agriculture practiced as an extraction industry leaves dust and desolation. But many aspects of farming have changed for the better. Growing plants more sustainably can increase the health and fertility of soil by allowing organic material and other minerals to build up—more sustainable farming can reflect the best of natural processes.
Advanced Biofuels combined with sustainable agriculture can be part of the GHG solution, particularly for very energy dense applications like aviation and shipping.
Electrification can handle almost all ground transport and most commercial/industrial processes.

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