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Nissan launches of Note Aura NISMO in Japan; e-POWER electrified powertrain

Nissan launched the Note Aura NISMO, sales of which are scheduled to start in Japan this autumn. The all-new Note Aura NISMO comes exclusively with Nissan’s e-POWER electrified powertrain (earlier post), a key part of the company’s electrification strategy under the Nissan NEXT global business transformation plan.


e-POWER borrows from the EV technology perfected in the Nissan LEAF, adding a gasoline engine to charge the high-output battery when necessary. This eliminates the need for an external charger, while offering the same high output as an EV. e-POWER uses a smaller battery than the LEAF, but delivers the same driving experience as a full EV.

NISMO, a short form of "Nissan Motorsports," is the performance brand for Nissan.

With “swift electrified city racer” as its Formula-E-inspired design concept, the Note Aura NISMO is based on the Note Aura while incorporating the NISMO spirit and ethos.

Utilizing aerodynamic technologies refined through motor racing, the Note Aura NISMO features optimized aerodynamic downforce, offering stability at high speeds. Quick and smooth handling, as well as high steering stability, are also offered by the specialized suspension and optimized body rigidity distribution.

In addition, the Note Aura NISMO makes maximum use of the second-generation e-POWER system to offer agile response and increased acceleration.

Three drive mode settings are available for the Note Aura NISMO. The NISMO drive mode offers a more powerful response and increased acceleration. The Normal Mode and the Eco Mode have also been specially tuned for NISMO, providing more comfortable driving.



As I have said before, it is a pity they don't make a PHEV version of this, or even have a larger battery and an optional solar roof.
If you got 5 hours @ 400 watts, that would give you 6-7 "free" miles per day for 2kWh extra storage.
Or push it to 8 kWh and just plug it in for 3 hours / day.
I assume they don't want to make it too heavy, so keep the battery capacity small-medium.


I have always taken this idea to be a response to the then perception that diesel cars would be banned in many places. This technology gives the low end torque and mpg that attracts owners of diesels. I think regulations have been changing much quicker than anticipated with any fossil fuel car now looked with suspicion in some cities.

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