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Sakuú Corporation, an additive manufacturing technology company, announced the start of its solid-state battery (earlier post) pilot line and learning center. Sakuú’s pilot line will have the capability to produce up to 2.5 MWh per year of solid-state batteries and in the future will also serve as a customer learning center for its advanced additive manufacturing platform.


Sakuú’s pilot line.

Sakuú is developing industry leading technology to produce solid-state batteries that will be up to 50% smaller and 30% lighter than today’s lithium-ion batteries and less expensive to produce in high volume.

Sakuú has engaged with leading factory design and process innovators Relevant Industrial and Honeywell Process Solutions to aid in the design and development of its pilot line to produce solid-state batteries. This pilot line will demonstrate the viability of the battery manufacturing process and enable Sakuú to deliver sample products to its Early Access strategic partners.

Relevant and Honeywell will aid in the process design by taking Sakuu’s proprietary technology and scaling up the lab environment into a fully functioning pilot manufacturing plant. The second phase is expected to follow in 2022, utilizing an array of Sakuú AM Platforms to mass produce solid state batteries with up to 1 GWh of capacity per year.

Relevant and Honeywell will provide engineering, process design, systems integration, and process manufacturing expertise to efficiently build the factory.

This is an important milestone for Sakuú. Our SSB technology development has progressed to the level where we have decided to move ahead with our plan to construct and operate a pilot facility. With the assistance of our key development partners, Relevant Industrial and Honeywell Process Solutions, the facility will be operational by end of 2021. This facility will enable us to provide our strategic customers and early access partners with solid-state batteries for their own development and testing.

—Robert Bagheri CEO and Founder


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