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Octillion Power Systems, a global provider of advanced lithium-ion batteries, has moved to a new US headquarters in Richmond, California. (Earlier post.) The company’s North and South American operations will be based there. Octillion also has relocated a battery manufacturing line from its previous facility in Hayward, California, where the company has operated since its founding in 2009. The new facility is 6,500 square feet.

With demand for lithium-ion batteries continuing to grow, the new facility gives us a lot more space to expand.

—Paul Beach, president of Octillion Power Systems

Octillion is a global supplier of advanced high-density lithium-ion battery packs for passenger cars, trucks, buses, and energy-storage systems. The company has operations in 16 locations in Asia, Europe and North America with a global workforce of more than 400 employees. Battery manufacturing facilities operated by Octillion are located in the United States, China and India.


Octillion’s Caspian pack—one of its products—is a 660V/88.9 kWh system using prismatic NMC cells.

Globally, Octillion has more than four Gigawatt hours (GWh) of production capacity. The company has delivered more than 300,000 EV batteries to the global EV market with over 2 billion kilometers driven on its systems.

Among the vehicles powered by Octillion batteries is the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, currently the best-selling electric vehicle in China. Other products powered by Octillion batteries include electric buses in India and electric trucks produced by Brazilian manufacturer FNM (Fábrica Nacional de Motores) for beverage maker Ambev.

Octillion also supplies batteries for the energy-storage market. Wyoming-based Orison uses Octillion batteries to store energy for its home-battery system. Last year, the company entered the electric two-wheeler market with supply contract in Europe.

Whether it is for clean transportation or clean energy, we offer customized, mass-produced solutions. Our products undergo a robust design process, including extensive thermal modeling, and standardized production processes. We can ramp up quickly to meet your needs.

—Paul Beach

Octillion is a turnkey battery supplier for the transportation market providing its customers with a bridge from design to manufacturing. By remaining cell-agnostic, Octillion offers a flexible platform that evolves with improvements in new chemistries and cell types.


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