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Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has launched a call for funding for the construction and operation of a development platform for power-to-liquid (PtL) fuels with a production capacity of up to 10,000 tons of PtL fuel per year.

By switching to electricity-based fuel, we can save millions of tons of CO2 emissions. To do this, however, we need a large amount of climate-neutral fuel by 2030—especially for aircraft and ships. In order to get electricity-based fuels out of the laboratory and into mass production, we are promoting the world's largest production facility. In total, we will invest over 1.5 billion euros in renewable fuels in the coming years.

—Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer

The PtL development platform is intended to serve both research and demonstration purposes in order to close the gap between the development and industrial market ramp-up of PtL fuels. The focus will be on aviation and shipping.

The call for funding will select a science and research institution that will coordinate the establishment and operation of the PtL platform. The grant is determined in a multi-stage competition. The submission of the project outlines for participation in the 1st stage is possible from now until 15 October 2021.

The funding of the PtL development platform is part of the BMVI’s overall funding concept for renewable fuels, which provides a total of €1.54 billion in funding for the period 2021-2024. The overall funding concept consists of four measures:

  • A first funding guideline for the development of renewable fuels was published on 11 May 2021 and is dedicated to the further development of renewable fuel technologies. It is primarily aimed at applied research, demonstration and pilot projects.

  • The new competitive call for funding for the establishment and operation of a PtL development platform is intended to implement a research and demonstration system on a semi-industrial scale and create the transition to the market entry of PtL fuels.

  • Another funding guideline concerns investments in the conversion or the construction of new generation plants for renewable fuels (electricity-based fuels and advanced biofuels) so that they are also available on the market on a larger scale. The funding guidelines are to be published in the second half of 2021.

  • The fourth funding measure is intended to support the market ramp-up of electricity-based kerosene in a targeted manner. A preliminary study on possible configurations of the conveyor design is commissioned, and about which is the beginning of August with a non-binding sketches call the feedback obtained from market participants. The binding competitive funding process based on this is expected to start at the beginning of 2022.

The PtL development platform will be part of the German Mobility Center (DZM). With the DZM, a higher-level platform is being created to creatively, interdisciplinary and innovatively conceive, develop and test future-oriented mobility concepts. The PtL development platform is integrated here as a central development center in the “Electricity-based fuels” cluster.


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