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Group14 Technologies, a global provider of silicon-carbon composite materials for lithium-ion markets, and Inobat Auto, a European battery R&D and manufacturing company, are partnering to custom-manufacture high energy density batteries for automotive applications.

To deliver on the promise of electric vehicles, automotive OEMs are turning to drop-in-ready technologies such as high-capacity silicon-based anode materials, which deliver greater energy density than traditional lithium-ion-based batteries for mobility of all modes.

A global electric vehicle battery supplier, InoBat is extensively involved in R&D and manufacturing across the complete battery value life cycle including energy storage, charging infrastructure and recycling. With automotive, commercial and aviation customers including Czech bus manufacturer SOR, InoBat creates high-margin EV batteries customizable in different cell formats such as pouch or cylindrical—both with faster development timelines than the industry norm.

The largest manufacturer of lithium-silicon battery materials, Group14 is now capable of producing 120 tons per year of its patented anode technology, SCC55, from its first domestic Battery Active Materials (BAM) factory in Woodinville, Washington.

SCC55 is Group 14’s flagship product—a a micronized silicon-carbon powder, tunable by design and drop-in ready. SCC55 has five times the capacity and affords up to 50% more energy density than conventional graphite for lithium battery anodes. Its hard carbon-based scaffolding keeps silicon in the most ideal form—amorphous, nano-sized, and carbon-encased.

While the majority of the factory’s current production capacity has been earmarked for the company’s consumer-electronics customers, the factory also provides EV-sized batches of materials to auto-focused customers as part of the qualification process.



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