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Since 2017, Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH has been working with Aumann AG as part of the larger EU program “Fit-4-AMandA” (Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly) on hydrogen fuel cell stack production with financing from the agency FCH JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking).

Aumann is a leading international manufacturer of innovative special machines and automated production lines with a focus on electromobility. It combines unique winding technology for the highly efficient production of electric motors with decades of automation experience.

The prototype “stack robot” resulting from the Proton-Aumann can expand production capacity to up to 2,500 fuel cell units per year. In the Proton Motor system, graphite bipolar plate stacks are embedded in a module as the core.


Fit-4-AMandA “stack robot”

For the next four years, with the conclusion of the funded Fit-4-AMandA project, Aumann will exclusively convert the Fit-4-AMandA machine prototype into an automatic fuel cell stack production plant for series production at Proton Motor.

In order to meet the fundamentally increasing demand from industry for alternative hydrogen solutions or climate-friendly drive systems, Proton Motor will in the future consider Aumann preferentially in relevant tenders.

After the successful use of our first plant for Proton Motor, we are very pleased to continue our cooperation with Proton Motor and thus continue to advance the hydrogen fuel cell as a forward-looking technology for the mobility of the future.

—Aumann CEO Sebastian Roll



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