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Sion Power introducing 17 Ah, 810 Wh/L, 400 Wh/kg lithium-metal battery for EVs

Lithium-metal rechargeable battery developer Sion Power will introduce its Licerion rechargeable battery for electric vehicles at The Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan in September.

The 17 Ah Licerion Electric Vehicle (EV) cell offers more than 400 Wh/kg and 810 Wh/L in a large-format pouch cell. (Earlier post.) The company has specifically designed Licerion-EV for next-generation electric vehicle applications, focusing on high energy density, increased cycle life, safety, and fast charging capability.

In independent testing, 6 Ah Licerion-EV cells reached more than 800 cycles, demonstrated fast charge capability (80% of charge in 15 minutes), excellent power capability, and safety.

Sion Power says that it has successfully overcome the issues that dogged historical lithium metal chemistries—e.g., dendrification, resistive by-products—by developing a multi-faceted approach to protecting the lithium metal anode.

Sion Power developed three levels of protection for its lithium-metal cells: chemical and physical protection within the cell, and physical protection at the pack level.

  • At the cell-level, electrolyte additives chemically stabilize the anode surface to enhance cycle life and increase energy. The cells do use a liquid electrolyte; however, the amount is negligible compared to traditional Li-ion cells.

  • The lithium metal anode is physically protected by a thin, chemically stable, and ionically conductive ceramic polymer barrier.

  • The pack incorporates proprietary cell compression and an advanced battery management system (BMS).


Layers of a Licerion cell with chemical and physical protection.

This is a watershed moment for Sion Power’s push toward next-generation electrified vehicles. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished. Our Licerion-EV technology has demonstrated a blend of energy, safety, and electrical performance that is unmatched. We look forward to continued work with our partners to commercialize our revolutionary battery system.

—Tracy Kelley, CEO of Sion Power

The Battery Show of North America is held each year in Novi, Michigan. This year’s show is held from 14 – 16 September 2021. Sion Power will have demonstration cells, battery packs, and technical staff available to answer questions at the show.



Since they are at the battery test level it sounds ss though they are a bit ahead of the fairly comparably specced Northvolt:



Lots of activity in battery tech this month; i.e., another outstanding offering is the Blade Battery produced by BYD using LiFePO4 cells and claiming a 1,000,000 km lifetime and safe usage. Tesla says they will use the cells in some of their models.
It appears that with these fairly fast developments the transition to clean cars is gathering steam, finally.



Blade etc represents progress, and not using the more expensive materials is to be welcome.

Unfortunately for big battery BEVs to take over ICE at the lower end of the market, the numbers are not within a million miles of working,

Here is the 'survey of surveys' of prices out to 2050:


Best and most optimistic price out to 2050 $70KWh?


If we have million mile batteries available, presumably for a ~75KWh or so configuration, the best bet is to use 15KWh to have a 200,000 mile battery with the same cycle life as expected calendar life is still only ~15 years in a hybrid or later on an FCEV configuration.

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