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Ricardo won a contract with LS Automotive Technologies to develop a high voltage DC-DC converter to power the low voltage network in electric vehicles. LS Automotive Technologies is a manufacturer of automotive electronic components.

DC-DC converters take energy from the direct current high voltage battery which powers the propulsion of the electric vehicle and convert it for use by the low-voltage direct current which powers vehicle lights, fans, pumps, wipers, and electronic control units. The power conversion has to be performed at high efficiency to ensure that the equipment is cool and only occupies a small footprint in the vehicle.

To achieve the high efficiency, high energy density and performance targets needed, Ricardo will be using silicon carbide and gallium nitride power electronics. Unique knowledge and experience in this advanced technology, gained from a series of R&D programs, will enable Ricardo to produce a novel design for the converters which target high efficiency and performance improvements compared with existing state-of-the art technology.

As part of the contract, LS Automotive Technologies will embed engineers within the Ricardo engineering development team to facilitate knowledge transfer, helping to accelerate future new product design and manufacturing.


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