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Aiming to gain a competitive advantage in the global EV market, Vietnam-based EV maker VinFast has been developing a number of partnerships with developers of advanced battery technologies.

VinFast is collaborating with Israeli StoreDot, a company developing extreme fast charging (XFC) technology that allows the battery to charge to 80% of capacity in only 4-5 minutes. (Earlier post.) StoreDot’s technology has been shown to work effectively on cellphones, drones and e-scooters.

StoreDot’s FlashBattery takes a holistic approach to battery design for fast charging that includes:

  • Cathode: proprietary organic polymer-based compound for enhanced safety and stability;

  • Anode: layered nanoparticles based on metalloids, including tin, silicon, and germanium, that are embedded within an organic conductive matrix;

  • Electrolyte: high-voltage capability and enhanced safety by preventing dendrite through an ionic organic liquid-based electrolyte;

  • Data science: machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with the automated optimization of material compounds;

  • Cell structure: optimized thin layer coating for thermal management during fast charging; and

  • Electronics: dynamic charging with real-time voltage management

The company is targeting 300 Wh/kg in the Si-rich, fast-charging cell.

VinFast may become an early adopter of the StoreDot technology for EV applications.

VinFast is also partnering with Taiwan-based ProLogium (PLG)—a developer of 100% solid-state lithium ceramic batteries (earlier post). Earlier this year, the two companies signed an MOU to set up a joint venture to produce automotive solid-state battery (SSB) packs for Vinfast EVs.

The JV will have priority to purchase PLG’s SSB product and will be licensed to use PLG’s patented SSB pack assembly technology, MAB (Multi-Axis Bipolar+), to produce CIM/CIP SSB pack (cell is module/cell is pack) locally in Vietnam.

PLG will produce SSB inlays (semi-finished battery cell composed of cathode, solid state electrolyte and anode layer) for the JV at one of its Asian manufacturing centers (expected to reach 1-2 GWh capacity in 2022), which will support mass production schedule of Vinfast EVs in 2023-2024.

VinFast earlier announced a partnership with Gotion High-Tech for LFP battery technology. (Earlier post.) The LFP battery can be produced at a low cost and is suitable for mid-range electric cars.

Vingroup also is carrying out R&D activities on its own in addition to seeking external resources.

VinFast plans to establish battery production facilities in Europe and the US, as well as their factory in Vietnam.


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