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Eaton’s Vehicle Group introduces lineup of specialized differentials for electrified vehicles

Power management company Eaton’s Vehicle Group has launched a lineup of specialized differentials for electrified vehicles with comparable performance to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.


Eaton’s Traction Control family of differentials can provide improved traction in adverse conditions, such as snow and mud, and improved stability while trailering. As a global supplier, Eaton has extensive knowledge of vehicle dynamics and safety standards, as well as decades of experience working with global automotive manufacturers to integrate differentials into new vehicle platforms. Eaton has been supplying differentials to the EV market since 2015.

Eaton offers a full range of differentials for electrified vehicles, including automatic limited-slip, automatic locking and electronic selectable locking differentials. Each differential is engineered, tested and validated for a variety of traction control applications. Performance is verified at Eaton’s Proving Ground testing complex in Marshall, Michigan, which is home to more than 600 acres of testing facilities and tracks.

Eaton’s Traction Control solutions include:

  • Truetrac – Helical-gear limited-slip differential maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving and handling characteristics. Easily integrated into compact packaging spaces, with high power density capacity.

  • ELocker – Allows for maximum driveline flexibility. Users can switch from a fully open to a fully locked axle at the touch of a button, or it can be integrated into the vehicle (auto-locking). High torque capacity and range, with compact designs for EV applications.

  • IntelliTrac – Smart electronically controlled, limited-slip differential is fully integrated to the vehicle to provide instant response and optimized vehicle performance at any speed or traction condition.

  • MLocker – Automatic, mechanical locking differential which provides drivers best-in-class traction without the need for buttons, shift knobs or other driver intervention. Improves towing and off-road performance with low integration cost.

  • Posi – Limited slip differential which automatically prevents wheel slip before it can get started. Easily integrates into most axle designs and can be tuned for application requirements.

  • Open – Compact open differential which allows cost-effective solution for managing torque between left and right wheels.


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