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Ford Performance selling Mach-E electric crate motor

Ford Performance is offering the “Eluminator Mac E Electric Motor” as an electric crate engine, along with the dozens of combustion crate engines available.


The Eluminator, which carries a price of $3,900, is from the 2021 Mustang Mach-E GT. Specs include:

  • Peak power: 210 kW (281 hp)
  • Peak torque: 430 N·m (317 lb/ft)
  • Max speed: 13,800rpm
  • Gear ratio: 9.05:1
  • Weight: 93kg / 205 lbs

The unit includes HV motor to traction inverter harness; LV harness/connector; and vent tube assembly. It does not include the traction inverter; control system; or battery.



This is great news. Could boost the movement to electrify classics.

I have a friend who restores Studebakers who is very excited about his next build being electric.

Bob Niland

The linked page points out:
Does NOT include:
Traction inverter
Control system

Those aren't trivial items, nor the are the questions of regenerative coasting/braking, instrumentation, charging port, dealing with a totally freaked-out ICE ICU. It will be interesting to see how buyers implement these not-exactly-drop-ins.


Upgrading the powerline in a classic chassis to electric is great for those who like the classics but don't like the current obsolete ICE.
I'm all for it.


GM was supposed to come out with a package that used Bolt components but I have not see anything recently. They had a rebuilt original Blazer with an electric drivetrain at SEMA last year.

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