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Symbio, a joint-venture between Faurecia and Michelin and a global provider of hydrogen fuel cell systems, is launching Symbio North America. Symbio’s H2Motive portfolio offers a wide range of hydrogen fuel cell solutions meeting all power and durability needs. Symbio North America will focus on light-duty, and commercial medium- and heavy-duty vehicles offering customized hydrogen solutions to US vehicle OEMs and fleet partners.

Symbio enters the US market with strong established assets, technology and know-how. More than 30-years of combined experience in hydrogen fuel cell technology from Symbio and its parent companies, Michelin and Faurecia, offer strong financial, technical and commercial support to the company, allowing Symbio to provide holistic hydrogen solutions.

Light-duty vehicles equipped with Symbio fuel cells have already achieved more than 4 million kilometers on the road, with many more to come due to the partnership project with Stellantis in Europe. (Earlier post.)

Symbio’s H2Motive portfolio, covering 40 kW all the way to 300 kW, can meet a wide range of duty-cycles, power and durability requirements of the transportation market. Symbio solutions are compact, efficient, and easy to install within existing engine bays.

At the upcoming ACT Expo, Symbio will showcase a 150-kW product that is particularly adapted for pick-ups as well as light, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Finally, Symbio focusses on optimized total cost of ownership combining its systems and production know-how to scale state-of-the art manufacturing capabilities. The group aims at producing globally 200,000 Stackpacks annually by 2030, and significantly reducing the manufacturing costs within 5 years.

Symbio has been joint-owned by Faurecia and Michelin since November 2019.


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