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Porsche Digital is expanding its product portfolio and is addressing new digital business models in the field of urban mobility with the formation of the new Cyklær e-bike brand. The goal is to build a platform that offers digital services for the cycling experience.

For the launch, Porsche Digital is developing an innovative, sporty e-bike in collaboration with the bicycle manufacturer Storck, as well as the component builders Greyp and Fazua. The Cyklær combines a designed carbon frame with high-quality components and integrated sensors, such as front and rear cameras.


With Cyklær, we jointly developed an attractive e-bike that really utilizes the possibilities offered by digitalization. It is sporty and light and, thanks to its e-drive, also ensures a comfortable ride to work. In addition, users can enjoy a host of benchmark-setting features that will continue to be further developed by us in the future—with their cooperation

—Markus Storck, founder and CEO of Storck Bicycle GmbH

A number of digital services can be used via the user’s own smartphone and the Cyklær app. One example is the rear camera function, which enables the cyclist to access a digital rear-view mirror, increasing their safety on the road. In addition, features such as navigation, video recording and location services are also available. An inductive charging pad on the handlebars ensures riders can charge their smartphone while driving, which is particularly useful for longer journeys.

These functions are constantly updated and expanded via so-called over-the-air updates. Users also have the opportunity to help decide which new digital services will be available in future.

Cyklær bicycle is our first step into this promising and fast growing market. In the future, we will offer further digital services to enhance the cycling experience, and these will be combined into one platform. Our goal is to make cycling as a whole better connected, safer and more comfortable for every rider.

—Florian Rothfuss, Head of Customer Innovation at Porsche Digital

The official Cyklær brand and e-bike presentation will take place at the Eurobike trade fair in Friedrichshafen from 1 to 4 September 2021.



It sounds cool, but no idea on the price.
There is also a certain amount to be said on having a bicycle which is just a bicycle with no electronic gadgets on it to distract you (other than lights). So you are not checking your speed and the time and the GPS position all the time, you are just cycling.
Consider a canyon bike (or just Giant / Trek / Specialized).
And, IMO, you do not need an electric bike, unless you are over 65, unwell, or live in a hot place, or have a long way to go.

Thomas Pedersen

I'd be shocked, if the price is below €6,000...

About needing electric bikes. Well, experience shows that when a bike ride does not necessarily have to be strenuous and sweaty in headwind or steep hills, people ride their bike about an order of magnitude more and end up getting much more exercise. Some even sell their (second) car (typically people who no longer have kids) because once they get used to getting into the 'environment' in all conditions, they loose their fear riding the bike to go and get stuff.

About the gorgeous bike in the image. I really like the rear-facing camera. In Denmark where we have bike lanes almost everywhere, it's perhaps not that necessary. But I can imagine many other places where being able to see what's coming from behind will increase the sense of safety.

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