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Mobilize will unveil Limo, a 4.67m four-door fully-electric sedan, specifically designed for for taxi/private hire (PHV) drivers and fleet, at Munich IAA Mobility 2021. Available solely on subscription, the offer will include packages and à la carte mobility solutions.

2021 - Mobilize Limo

Mobilize Limo is the result of the joint venture created by Renault Group and Jiangling Motors Group Co., Ltd (JMCG) in 2018. It harnesses the know-how and experience in e-mobility—vehicles and services—that Renault Group and its network have been fostering for more than 10 years.

A fleet of 40 Mobilize Limo will be deployed to validate services set to be made available throughout Europe starting in the second half of 2022.

The ride-hailing market (taxis et private hire vehicles, PHV) in Europe is booming; it is set to grow from €28 billion today, to €50 billion by 2030. It is also a market that will experience a fast and widespread increase in electrification. Indeed, electric models will soon become essential for those wishing to access city centers facing traffic restrictions such as the low emissions zones (LEZ) that are popping up Europe-wide.

Private drivers primarily operate in urban and peri-urban areas. For example, of the 47,500 private hire vehicles registered in France, 75% of them are in Paris and the greater-Paris area (2020 figures from Stacian).

Mobilize Limo will be marketed as a joint offer combining both the vehicle and services for all sorts of drivers including taxis, PHVs, and other private transport services (e.g., medical transport, community transport). Mobilize’s offer will include a fully-fledged package of services with something for everyone be they full-time, part-time, or one-off drivers. These services will also be available for other Renault Group’s electric vehicles.

Managed by RCI Bank and Services, Mobilize rental agreements will include flexible mileage and contract duration. Casual drivers will have access to a pay-as-you-drive solution. For fleet operators running taxi/PHV services, Mobilize will leverage its network of start-up partner companies to offer a complete solution for their activity (fleet dispatching, payment, vehicle charging, connectivity…) in order to optimize their Total Cost of Operations (TCO) and operational excellence, at the service of customers.

Mobilize packages will also include various services such as manufacturer-backed warrantees, maintenance, insurance, and charging solutions.

Mobilize Limo. Limo is 4.67 m long, 1.83 m wide, and 1.47 m high, making it close to D-segment vehicles. The driver’s seat in the Limo was designed to ensure professional drivers had the most ergonomically and acoustically comfortable seat possible given the highly stimulating environment of a car. It features eight electric seat settings (four on the front passenger side), and the steering column can also be adjusted for both height and depth, so drivers have the ideal position no matter their body type. A refrigerated storage compartment is located between the two front seats.

The long wheelbase of 2.75 m means that Mobilize Limo comes with the sort of comfort for back-seat passengers—288mm of knee-room—expected on higher-end models. The wide-opening rear doors give passengers easy access to the back seat. The rear bench-seat can comfortably fit three adult passengers, especially given the flat floor. The removeable middle armrest also includes two cup holders. Backseat passengers can plug in their smartphone or tablets into one of the two USB ports located in the back. They also have easy access to the volume control knobs located in the back, as well as the adjustable air-vents and booklights.

Mobilize Limo’s motor delivers 110 kW (150 hp) and 220 N·m of torque. It can do 0-100 km/h in 9.6 seconds and has a top speed set to 140 km/h. Drivers can choose between three driving modes (Eco, Normal, Sport). The intensity level for the regenerative braking can also be set to one of three options via the vehicle’s settings.

Mobilize Limo runs on a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 60 kWh offering around 450 km (pending WLTP certification) between recharging sessions. That is enough to cover the average daily milage of most professionals (250 km/day).

Limo is readily maneuverable on city roads due to its 11.2m turning circle. It has also been fitted with a VSP (Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians) system that warns pedestrians and other vehicles of the car’s presence and is always active at speeds under 30 km/h and as soon as the car is in ‘Drive’ mode.


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