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Rhombus Energy Solutions announces the general availability of serial-switching DC fast charger dispenser

Rhombus Energy Solutions announced the launch and general availability of the RES-D3-CS20 DC fast charger dispenser for electric vehicles (EVs). The D3 design allows multiple remote EV charging dispensers to be connected to a single Rhombus power control system (PCS), significantly reducing total electric vehicle support equipment (EVSE) costs for fleet EV deployments. The dispenser is available for immediate ordering.


Rhombus RES-D3-CS20 DC fast charger dispenser, with 200A maximum rated current with bi-directional operation (V2G capable).

Most of today’s DC fast charging systems that support remote dispensers have a 1:1 relationship between the dispenser and the PCS; however, for many EV fleet customers and use cases, this approach is not the most economical option.

To build a solution that optimizes EVSE investment while minimizing the impact on EV availability, Rhombus consulted with a number of medium-/heavy-duty (M/HD) EV fleet operators and OEMs on different EVSE concepts and architectures in order to arrive at the configuration of the D3 dispenser.

For use cases such as electrified school bus fleets and some delivery services, having multiple dispensers that share a PCS significantly reduces overall system costs, which allows customers to maximize their EVSE investments.

There are a variety of different options for sharing a PCS across multiple dispensers, each with its own advantages and tradeoffs. Many competitive designs that use one PCS to drive multiple dispensers require a power switching system to connect the dispensers to the PCS, raising overall capital costs.

The Rhombus D3 switching dispenser’s state-of-the-art design differs significantly from these competitive products by serially connecting the dispensers to the PCS. The D3 design allows up to five dispensers to be connected serially to a single PCS using one DC power line, which lowers EVSE installation costs by reducing the number of trenches required by up to 80%.

Rhombus Energy Solutions will be showcasing the D3 dispenser at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo Conference in Long Beach, Calif on 31 August to 2 September.



reducing the number of trenches required by up to 80%
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