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Navistar has launched the new fully-electric medium-duty International eMV Series trucks. The International eMV is designed to tackle everyday use, built to the same standards as the diesel International MV Series truck.


The eMV is available in four different wheelbase options—217", 236", 254" and 272"—and features the Diamond Logic electrical system as standard equipment.

The new eMV combines Navistar’s decades of medium-duty truck experience with the expertise of its NEXT eMobility Solutions to deliver a fully integrated electrified powertrain and complete ecosystem solution.

The eMV’s battery electric motor provides peak power of more than 335 horsepower or 250 kilowatts, with continuous power of 215 HP or 160 kW. The eMV has a 210 kWh capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate high-voltage battery that provides a 135-mile range when fully charged. Batteries are packaged between the frame rails for additional protection and under warranty for five years or 100,000 miles.


The eMV is also equipped with three levels of regenerative braking (30%, 60% and 100%), allowing the vehicle to collect kinetic energy from braking and store it in the battery for use. To ensure the driver has complete awareness of the eMV’s operational status, a digital instrument cluster includes information on propulsion and regenerative load, state of charge indicator and regenerative braking indicator.

The International eMV also offers both AC and DC charging capabilities as standard equipment to allow customers to choose the best option for their fleets. The recommended Level 2 AC charging station is suitable for overnight charging and provides roughly 19.2 kW of power. The DC Fast Charge station option provides up to 125 kW of power.

In addition to the dealer network and support that International has always provided, NEXT eMobility Solutions acts as a resource for customers, providing all-inclusive zero emissions education and assistance beginning at buyer consultation and continuing through vehicle end of life. NEXT provides support throughout the entire fleet electrification process including vehicle charging complexities like requirements for proper charging, suitable infrastructure partners, charging installations and collaborations with local power companies to ensure adequate power is available for vehicle charging.


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