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Neste is the first company in Finland to provide a service for companies and other organizations to monitor their climate emissions caused by the use of transport fuels.

According to Neste’s industry survey conducted in August 2021, the use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel has increased rapidly in the public sector, goods transport, and the manufacturing industry, while growth has remained moderate in other sectors.

Road transport accounts for more than 90% of the total transport emissions in Finland. This means that Finland’s ambitious goal of being carbon neutral by 2035 requires the use of all available solutions. Neste’s new service supports companies in monitoring their emissions and emissions reductions, and encourages them to replace the use of fossil fuels.

One of our strategic climate commitments is to help our customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 million tons annually by 2030. We have seen a significant demand for emissions monitoring and reporting to support companies reach their emissions reduction goals. The legislation sets requirements for emissions calculations, and the pressure to understand and reduce emissions is highlighted not only in bidding processes, but also by consumers. It is a wonderful opportunity to offer this customer-driven solution for verifying the impact of climate actions.

—Heidi Peltonen, Team Lead for sustainable partnerships in Marketing & Services, Neste

The digital service helps companies monitor their consumption of Neste transport fuels, the resulting greenhouse gas emissions, and emissions reductions achieved through the use of renewable diesel over a specific time period. The service uses graphs and maps to illustrate the geographic and chronological distribution of consumption and emissions, and provides benchmarking data on each company’s road transport emissions in their respective sector. The service’s reporting features will later be expanded to other applications, such as electricity and renewable fuel oil.

Neste’s recent industry survey indicates that the use of renewable diesel in the public sector has more than tripled from 2019 to mid-2021 when the total annual consumption of diesel is considered. At the same time, the proportion of renewable diesel from the total consumption of diesel has doubled in the manufacturing industry and increased by more than five-fold in the goods transport.

The use of fossil diesel in transport will decrease in the future, while the demand for renewable diesel will remain high as the electrification of heavy transport vehicles cannot follow the pace of private cars. Some sectors are showing rapid changes, while others are taking their first steps in emissions reductions. Companies need solutions that are available right now, but also solutions that help in the longer term. By supporting companies in calculating their emissions reductions and by providing benchmarking data, we believe that making lower-emission choices becomes easier. We are the first company in Finland to launch this type of a service, and we are exploring our opportunities to expand it to other regions, such as the Baltics, too.

—Heidi Peltonen

In addition to the newly-launched emissions calculation and reporting service, Neste also supports the electrification of the transport sector by piloting Finland’s first charging service intended for logistics companies in cooperation with Niemi Services Ltd. The aim is to launch a commercial electric charging service in the Finnish market by the end of 2021.


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