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Performance Team – A Maersk Company, a warehousing and distribution company, has placed an order for 16 Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 trucks (earlier post)—the largest commercial order of the North American zero-tailpipe emission model to date. The VNR Electric model from Volvo Trucks North America is the first zero-tailpipe emission, battery-electric Class 8 truck in Performance Team’s fleet, which will be on the road by end of year. When put into service, all 16 vehicles will be carrying regional loads daily to customers across Southern California.


Designed for local and regional freight distribution, the Volvo VNR Electric improves local residents’ quality of life by decarbonized and quiet transportation on urban streets and roadways. The significant reduction of noise and vibrations also creates a best-in-class, clean and comfortable working environment for drivers.

The acquisition of the new Volvo VNR Electric models is part of Maersk’s Environment Social Governance (ESG) strategy to decarbonize logistics. Performance Team is participating in a California South Coast Air Quality Management District grant to reduce emissions in the transportation sector by replacing diesel trucks with electric trucks and creating new, future charging infrastructure. The El Segundo, California-based company operates a North America warehousing and distribution network of 45 locations and a fleet of 215 trucks.

We’re seeing a 30% growth rate in our Warehousing and Distribution business. Customers are looking for more truck power to meet high volume delivery demands. This new order of Volvo VNR Electric trucks will give us firsthand experience on their performance carrying regional loads and environmental benefits. Our findings will help determine next steps in our fleet modernization and the electric infrastructure necessary for future operations.

—Jason Walker, executive vice president of operations of Performance Team – A Maersk Company

The purchase of the VNR Electric models is through Volvo Trucks’ dealership TEC Equipment, which is the company’s largest dealership on the West Coast and was recently named the first Volvo EV Certified Dealer in North America.



That's going to be a big heavy traction battery; Tesla's estimate for their semi with 300 miles range is 500 kwhs based on their current state of the art batteries. My 40 kWh Leaf battery weights in at about 660lbs; granted it's not as energy dense as Tesla's proposed 4680 battery; but, nevertheless, a weight over 6,000 lbs can be expected...which subtracts from the cargo load. Many expect battery tech to reach outstanding energy density figures in the future; but, that could be a decade away. Anyway, it's good to see Volvo enter the market even if it's with a limited range semi.


400 mile range could be 800 kWh over 10,000 pounds

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