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Gevo plans to install alcohol-to-hydrocarbon process pilot unit at Luverne Facility; SAF, renewable premium gasoline

Gevo plans to install an alcohol-to-hydrocarbon process pilot unit at its facility located in Luverne, Minnesota. The pilot unit is being designed to produce market development quantities of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable premium gasoline, other renewable fuel products, as well as provide capability to supply market development quantities of chemical products.

The installation is estimated to begin in Q3 2022 with startup demonstration production expected in Q4 2022.

Gevo also expects to test and to evaluate certain potential unit operations that may be incorporated into the Net-Zero 1 production facility that is expected to begin production in 2024 in Lake Preston, South Dakota.

Installation of the pilot unit at the Gevo-Luverne facility is part of the plan to use the facility as a technology development and piloting site. The pilot unit will also be used in training of employees for Net-Zero 1 and other future projects.

Agri-Energy, LLC, Gevo’s wholly-owned subsidiary that owns the Luverne Facility, rehired multiple former employees in the beginning of August, and is in the process of hiring additional employees to produce the isobutanol (IBA) that is the feedstock for the hydrocarbon pilot unit. Additional operations staff will be required for the hydrocarbon production, though a certain number cannot yet be attributed to it.


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